Colorado Rockies

Ryan Arrowood

     I have always grown up in church and knowing God, loving and believing he died to save everyone's sins. I went to church every Sunday with my parents and I got saved at the young age seven. But it was like a childish faith, not really understanding everything that being a Christian truly meant. But from there I was really active in the youth group and church trips and loved them, but when I wasn't around all my church friends I didn't really think about Jesus and church. I went along being like a lot of other teens and living in the world and not in God. I always wanted to be the people pleaser and be the popular guy, and I was. But it still wasn't being for God like I supposedly said I was.  

     When college came around is when I really went away from him and did everything I wanted to do. I was the guy that went through his week and focused on baseball and the partying of college and nothing on what I needed to focus on with God. I partied Thursday Friday and Saturday and that's what I loved to do. Luckily it didn't affect my baseball success. God looked out for me that whole time even though I wasn't looking to him. I thank God for that. This is a real sign that God truly is good. 

     I was drafted my senior season and continued my selfish ways for my first season of pro ball. It wasn't until I started talking to my, now wife Mandy, that I finally started realizing something in my life needed to change and I needed to get back to God. This past Christmas my wife and I went to a Christmas program at her bosses’ church and it just really made me see that God was talking to me and wanting me to follow him and help be a witness for him. I rededicated my life to Jesus that night in my seat. 

   This past season in Tulsa was still a challenge though, as I always knew it would be, I had my ups and downs but I had an awesome guy to look towards in my walk without him even knowing it. He showed me how to live for Jesus in the baseball world and how to not give into temptation or just follow the crowd. I owe a lot of my faith to him because without watching and learning from him I wouldn't be where I am now. Today my wife and I just joined First Baptist Church of Alpharetta Georgia and we are assisting in the youth group trying to be a good Godly example for them. 


                                                                                                                                                                        Ryan Arrowood