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Brandon Brosher

I grew up in a very strong Christian home with my dad being an assistant pastor at a large church in Hernando County, Florida and my uncle serving as the head pastor. I was practically raised in the front row of church. There wasn’t a day that passed where I didn’t hear worship music playing or the sound of my parents voices crying out to God. It was truly an honor and a blessing being raised in such a Godly household. Unfortunately, for a very long time I didn’t really appreciate it.

Growing up as a pastors kid everybody assumed that I was a perfect kid that followed all the rules and did all the right things. This assumption really got to me during my senior year of high school. I started to rebel hard because I wanted people to know I was perfectly capable of making my own decisions whether they were good or bad and I was curious as to what the world had to offer. The person I had become was the total opposite of how my parents had raised me and I didn’t care at all. I didn’t want to be known as Brandon the pastors kid. I wanted people to know that I was man that could make his own decisions. I didn’t want to be a Christian just because everyone assumed I was.

It wasn’t until after the 2013 draft that I realized how much I had messed up. Getting into pro ball really opened my eyes. Seeing a bunch of guys that were so lost just looking for answers really hit me because I knew what the answer was. See the problem today is that so many people nowadays are working and striving for all the wrong reasons. Without God, what is our purpose on earth? Yea, you might get rich, have all the nice things, and have the women chasing you. But after all the jazz than what? See because I grew up in a Christian household I knew that all those things were temporal. I knew that at some point I would have to answer to the Son of God and I knew that if I had to answer to Him the next day I wouldn’t have a good report.

At that moment I decided that I was going to change. I was going to live my life for him. I knew all the temptations would be there— especially being a professional baseball player. However, the difference this time was that I was doing it for me. I realized that we are Christians because Jesus Christ created us. I realized that we are Christians because God gave his only son to come and die on the cross for OUR sins. We were created for the sole purpose of glorifying Him! Not because it’s the right thing to do and not because other people want me to be a Christian.

Now every time I step on the field I pray that Jesus would be glorified by the way I play and by the things I say. I want people to look at me and say to themselves “Whats different about him?” I want to be able to give people the answer. I want to used by God in every aspect of my life.


Brandon Brosher